Rev. 12/6/2014
P-Limited Stock is a Ready to Run class for beginners or other racers wishing to get water time while providing the beginners some racing action. These are box stock boats. Modifications allowed, are the use of another transmitter/receiver, an aftermarket prop and any repairs to the boat due to damage or manufacture defect. Battery must be 4S or below. Approved, suggested boats and classes;

MONO - Aquacraft Supervee, Aquacraft Revolt, Proboat Impulse, Traxxas Spartan

SPORT HYDRO - Aquacraft UL1, Proboat Elam

CATAMARAN - Aquacraft Motley Crue, Aquacraft Lucas Oil, Proboat Miss Geico

P-Limited Super Stock is a step up from the Stock class. These are generally purpose built boats utilizing the basic motor specifications that come in the Ready to Run boats. The motor can dimensions must not exceed 36mm diameter by 65mm long. The manufacturers KV rating must not exceed 2030. Batteries in this class must be 4S or below. Any electronic speed control is acceptable. Hull must not exceed 34” in length. All motors in the class must be approved by the IMPBA D4 Tech Committee. Current approved motors are the AQ 1800, AQ 2030, Proboat 1800, and the TP 3630 1950. Classes and suggested boats;

MONO - HOR/TFL Pursuit, Delta Force Cyberstorm, Aeromarine Challenger

SPORT HYDRO - Blazer Whiplash, Thomas Stealth, M&L Sport 20, Insane 30

OPC TUNNEL - Woodstuff 28 or 30, M&L PS295 or PS300, AQ Topspeed 3 or Villian

In the case of not having enough Stock-rtr boats to make a 3 boat minimum, the Mono’s, Sport Hydro’s and Catamarans may be put in the same heats. Attempts will be made to run all the Stock-rtr together. There may be cases where we run Stock-rtr boats with Super Stock Boats to make the 3 boat requirement. Stock-rtr boats are welcome to run with the Super Stocks - just not recommended.

Not all Clubs in District 4 will be offering all 6 of these classes. Check with the Race Club you plan to race with, on which classes are offered.

IMPBA DISTRICT FOUR FE DIRECTOR - Doug Peterson, 608-393-7960,



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