Nitro Boat Imformation



Abstract: The purpose of this document is to classify the rules for Specialty Class “RTR 18

HYDROPLANE” in District 14 IMPBA.


The intent of this class is to provide an attractive class of racing to foster new membership to the

model boating community. This is accomplished by providing a place for new boaters to

experience the hobby of model boating, yet be an attractive class to even the most seasoned

racer. This intent can be met by making the class both low in cost using readily available high

volume production boats and parts, and by specifying rules to maintain class intent. The following

sections shall support the intent of this class.


A legal RTR 18 HYDROPLANE boat must meet the following criteria:

2.1 It must be intended for the R/C hobby market.

2.2 It must be available from hobby shops and e-commerce nationwide, or have been available

from hobby shops and e-commerce nationwide during or after 2007.

2.3 The boat/engine/radio system must be available as a ready to run package retailing for a

maximum of $400.00.

2.4 The boat as designed must use nitro power not to exceed 0.189 cubic inches (3.0cc).

2.5 The hull must be a full-body hydroplane with rear wings, at least 25 inches in length and no

more than 33 inches in length.

2.6 It cannot resemble outrigger hydroplanes, tunnel hulls or catamarans.

3 ALLOWED MODIFICATIONS -- You may change parts, and or modify a legal boat to increase

reliability, improve drivability, or to make your boat unique, ONLY if the modification is listed below.

3.1 You may paint and decal your boat however you wish - in fact, we encourage it! (No profanity

or other disparaging remarks)

3.2 You may modify or replace the cowling to effect air flow to the engine compartment, or to suit

a different look.

3.3 You may use any control equipment including any radio box, electronics, linkages, and battery

may be used, as long as placement is not deemed advantages towards the Center of Gravity of

the hull.

3.4 You may replace the engine with a glow engine up to 0.189 cubic inches (3.0 cc) that is or was

original equipment from a legal boat made by the same manufacturer.

3.5 You may use any flywheel or backplate. Belt starting is allowed.

3.6 You may use any glow plug.

3.7 You may use any glow fuel (for example, with any nitro percentage).

3.8 You may use any turn fin, any rudder, and any brackets to support them. You may sharpen and

polish all hardware.

3.9 You may change any silicone part, such as the fuel line or pipe coupler.

3.10 You may modify or replace the fuel tank with any tank.

3.11 Weight may be added to balance or stabilize the hull.


4.1 You may NOT perform any of the following modifications.

4.2 You may NOT modify the engine. You must use the carburetor that comes with the engine. You

may not modify the carburetor.

4.3 You may NOT modify the hull or remove detail parts. Repairs and preventative bracing are ok

so long as they are not deemed to enhance performance.

4.4 You may NOT run without rear wings.

4.5 Additional wings, spoilers, air dams, or fins if deemed to stabilize the boat at speed are NOT


4.6 You may NOT use a 3rd channel fuel mixture adjustment.

4.7 You may NOT change, or modify the tuned pipe.


Racing rules are per IMPBA rulebook unless as stated below.

5.1 Milling Procedure - In the effort to help group boats together on the start, and conserve fuel,

the Half-Mill course will be allowed.

5.1.1 You must complete a full out lap from the pits. Then, if you wish, you may cut the course from

buoy 6 to buoy 1 from the front stretch to back stretch only.

5.1.2 You must yield the right of way when cutting the course to any boat that has the chute.

5.1.3 You may NOT cut into the course in the last 5 seconds of clock time.

5.2 Heat races shall be 5 laps.

6 Rules Enforcement

6.1 The Contest Director for an event is ultimately responsible for enforcing these rules.